Forever Einstein Down With Gravity

Among the most unique guitar trios around, Forever Einstein recalls Canadian punk-surfers Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet ("You Want Fries With That?" confirms this connection), except that Einstein's music references a much broader stylistic range. Chuck Vrtacek sums it up when he states how "the cadence of Jack Kerouac's speech has influenced my guitar playing as much as any guitarist could." So the opening track, "Maybe Spending The Rest Of Your Life In A Madhouse Will Teach You Some Manners," opens with a soul funk wah-wah riff that sounds like a '70s outtake of vintage Isaac Hayes. Segue from that into funk-rock fusion and from there into pyscho-surf grooves and you get one measure of this band's peculiar range. Bet you never knew that genre hopping could be such cool and eclectic fun. (Cuneiform)