Forest City Lovers' Kat Burns Unveils Debut Album as Kashka

Forest City Lovers' Kat Burns Unveils Debut Album as Kashka
When Forest City Lovers broke up this spring, frontwoman Kat Burns promised to turn her attention to her solo project Kashka. Sure enough, she will release her debut album, Vichada, on Tuesday (July 17) through her own Play the Triangle imprint.

The album was made in collaboration with producer James Bunton of Ohbijou, who previously worked extensively with Forest City Lovers. A press release promises that the new tunes "fit nicely in the pocket of indie folk softness wrapped in catchy beats and choruses."

With "songs that sound like they could have been dreamt up on the shores of a deserted island then pushed on the dance floor amidst sweaty strangers," this material apparently finds Burns delving into full-blown electro-pop. Burns wrote the songs during a Toronto Island retreat, while Bunton created the beats on the road in Ohbijou's tour van.

Hear the title track and album cut "This Machine" below. You can pre-order a copy digitally or on cassette (with an original drawing) from Bandcamp.


1. Vichada

2. This Machine

3. Through the Trees

4. No Way Around It (ft. Kit Knows)

5. Prestige

6. Llanos

7. Salmon Arms

8, Winter Light

9. Beautiful Distraction

10. Everybody Knowns (bonus track)