Force Vomit Give It Up For The Trustfund Rockers

Give It Up For The Trustfund Rockers is a rocking little record I want my jockey to play. Mixing everything the Ramones were and tried to be while adding some crazy-ass English lyrics, Force Vomit sometimes really nail it. Take for example "(Are you) My Number One," "Eating my salad days/waiting for the sun/... so I went to the store/buy myself some glue/to patch a hole that reeks of you." The rest of the record lyrically hops, skips and jumps, and you just don't care; it's way too happy and hooky. And the crazy thing is that Force Vomit isn't alone in this musical love affair. While we are content searching for the rock and roll saviour in this Western Babylon, the kids on the other side of the global village have been diggin' the vibe the whole damn time, regardless of snotty indie-elite attitudes. Give It Up For The Trustfund Rockers demands your attention from the first power chord, and deservedly so. Look up from your navels and head east, kids, Force Vomit are all right. (Big O)