Foo Fighters Share New Album Artwork?

Foo Fighters Share New Album Artwork?
As has been well-documented, Foo Fighters took a city-hopping approach when recording their new album. This multi-studio venture has been documented with the upcoming HBO series Sonic Highways, and the band have shared some nifty art related to the project.

That's it above. It seems most likely that this is the cover of the impending LP, although it's possible that it's just a piece of promo art relating to it. The band began sharing pieces of the image via a scavenger hunt through social media, and they have evidently been sending around stickers with the full image.

As you can see, the neat-looking artwork features notable landmarks from each of the eight cities where the album was recorded: Chicago, Austin, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, New York, and Washington, DC.

If you look closely, you'll discover that the number "8" appears hidden throughout the image in various spots. It seems reasonable to suspect, then, that the Foos' album could be called 8, given that they recorded it in eight cities and this is their eighth studio album.

The band have promised that some "big news" is coming on Monday (August 11), so perhaps they will formally announce the details of their new album at that time.

Sonic Highways will premiere on HBO on October 17.