Foo Fighters Are Opening Their Own Pub

To paraphrase Dave Grohl, "There goes my beer-o"
Foo Fighters Are Opening Their Own Pub
Foo Fighters are gearing up to deliver their new LP Concrete and Gold this Friday (September 15), and to mark the occasion, they'll be opening a pub in London as part of the record's arrival.

The establishment, named the Foo Fighters Arms, will open in London from September 15 to 20. A flyer the band shared through Twitter reveals that the pub will also sell exclusive merchandise and limited-edition items.

The pub's official website reveals that they have plans to "host a series of events for both fans and the general public," pour pints of "Foo Fighters beer" and hold a Foo Fighters pub quiz next Monday (September 18) with exclusive prizes.

You can visit the Arms' website here

Concrete and Gold arrives Friday through Roswell Records/RCA, and features appearances from Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney and more.