Fonzie Wake Up Call

Here’s more poppy, melodic punk for the masses. But when it’s coming from a band named after the character from Happy Days because such a name stands for "something cool and fun,” would you really expect much else? These tattooed, skateboard-lovin’ boys from Portugal grind out more bubblegum than the Hubba Bubba factory, while spitting out oh-so-typical themes like elitist fashion punks with sappy love songs. It seems as though these kids have more fashion sense than substance though, for they don’t do much in terms of their music. Fonzie borrows heavily from their influences, which includes Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Millencolin and Pennywise. The result here is that this quartet doesn’t sound at all discernible from any other band that’s on the pop-punk bandwagon. The whole effect comes off as boring and light-weight, and fails to make any kind of impact. (Transdreamer)