Fontanelle F

Former Jessamine cohorts Andy Brown and Rex Ritter summoned additional players to step up the flow of their liquid space jazz funk to the next level. Whereas their debut was doused with the textural jams of Miles Davis, F's stitched together improvisations exceeds the boundaries of trippiness with a heavy implementation of experiments with IDM electronic goodies and other rich, mellifluous analog keyboard propulsions. Recorded by themselves, and at their very own Magnetic Park studio in Portland, OR, the immediacy of the drums are so raw and sonically unscathed that they make the tracks sound as if they are straightforward and pristine monitor mixes. At times, the eerieness factor is so strong that they could have easily provided the soundtrack to the original Twilight Zone television series. I can see it now; the band jamming in their darkly lit studio that is jam-packed by Serling's cigarette smoke as he stands in the shadows silently nodding with approval. (Kranky)