Folk Implosion

The New Folk Implosion

BY James KeastPublished Apr 1, 2003

Folk Implosion’s Lou Barlow used to be the only one on the indie rock block who could rival Guided By Voices’ Bob Pollard for fuzzy prolificacy, but since 1999’s disappointing The Sebadoh, little has been heard from Barlow until the emergence of a new Folk Implosion. Not so much new as slimmed down (partner John Davis didn’t like the rock life and split) and a return to form — for Barlow if not for the "Natural One” expectations that followed the group since their one and only hit in 1995. The New Folk Implosion features Barlow in fine voice and exploring the catchy guitar rock that’s marked his career. He takes the opposite approach to Pollard — longer songs and fewer of them — but tastefully, none overstay their welcome. And welcome is the return of one of the mid-‘90s indie explosion’s great voices.

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