The Folk 'Every Colour, Present Wonder' (album stream)

The Folk 'Every Colour, Present Wonder' (album stream)
Ontario combo the Folk describe their music as "FuckPop," and we can now hear what this sounds like, as they have offered up a full stream of their album Every Colour, Present Wonder ahead of its September 18 release date.

The album was recorded with Pat Gregoire at Montreal's Hotel2Tango. As the title implies, Every Colour, Present Wonder is bright and vibrant. Opener "Avery" kicks things off with pop-soul grandeur, "Fire in the Back Room" lifts the energy even further with fuzzy guitars and hollered vocals, "Honest Man" ventures in a cute and jangly direction, and "Snow Falls" features sombre piano, while various songs showcase muscular rock.

The band said in a statement, "Each song is a colour, a glimpse into each personality that comprises our core entity. For four months we lived and breathed this album. From conception to finish, it was our present wonder. It's reflective of our past--what do we have to say or do in order to reconcile ourselves? It's a commentary on the death of family, the deaths of lives not lived and the struggle to rejuvenate life into symbiotic relationships. We settled our past and have come out stronger, more passionate and more vicious."

Scroll past the band's upcoming tour schedule to listen to the premiere of Every Colour, Present Wonder.

Tour dates:

09/17 Montreal, QC - POP Montreal - O Patro Vys *
09/24 Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo ^
09/26 Toronto, ON - Silver Dollar ~
10/02 Hamilton, ON - Baltimore House %
10/03 Guelph, ON - Jimmy Jazz #
10/09 Ottawa, ON - The Roast
10/10 Oakville, ON - Nino's
10/12 Toronto, ON - Smiling Buddha $
10/17 Sudbury, On - Townehouse !
10/22 Ottawa, ON - Avant Garde Bar &
10/23 Montreal, QC - Turbo Haus @
10/30 Kitchener, ON - The Outpost +

* with Holy Data, Cade, the Vast, Summerset
^ with No Aloha, Constellation Hotel, Oliver the Great
~ with Dead Broke, Pins & Needles, San Marina
% with the Medicine Hat, Deperuse
# with Wolfcow, Sasha Chapin
$ with LVL UP, Spencer Radcliffe, Liam Betson
! with Big Lonely, OL'CD
& with Fire Antlers
@ with Pang Attack
+ with Baby Cages, Pearle Harbour