Fold This Too Shall Pass

Rising from the ashes of a major label band who weren’t making a climb to the top, Daniel Castady left to find something more true and closer to his heart to throw himself into. The phoenix from these flames was the Fold, which is honest to the core without putting you to sleep. This Too Shall Pass is an unflagging stance against mediocrity and living a safe life, these moments of pain and stretching shall pass, and this is the anthem; the rebel yell and call to arms to join and fight for everything holding you back. The driving drums, well placed guitars and diverse vocals drifting effortlessly between, dripping like honey from the comb too strong enough to take on the world, make a sound that shimmers along the lines between rocking out and appealing to your softer side. These four boys have a winning combination worth checking out and would translate into a great clean live sound. (Tooth and Nail)