Fog Releases Five Albums Simultaneously, Asks Fans To Pay What They Like

Fog Releases Five Albums Simultaneously, Asks Fans To Pay What They Like
Since the 2007 release of Ditherer, it's been a quiet couple of years for Andrew Broder's Fog. In fact, since then we've barely heard a peep out of the hip-hoppin' indie rocker. Now, that may have to do with the mixed response Ditherer received or just that Broder is looking for something new after a decade's worth of Fog. Still, full-on hiatus or not, Broder looks to be far from out of the music game and as a matter of fact, has just recently released five new albums. Yes, five.

This week, Broder put out the records via a series of freely downloadable links. They are titled I Must Fix All the Problems, Experts, Specialists, Raw Bulb, Suture and, our personal favourite, We Had to Eat the Owl. According to Broder, "The material on these records is improvised, layered music for guitar and turntables. It is a process and style I have been developing over the last couple of years, and it is a big departure from Fog's music."

And while Broder has given the okay to download the albums and enjoy them as you see fit (we have pasted the links below, thanks to Tiny Mix Tapes), he is hoping you may throw some coin in the ol' busker's hat via a PayPal donation to [email protected]. But even if your cash-strapped wallet can't handle that, pass the records on and enjoy.

Here are the links and preferred tracklisting to each album:

I Must Fix All the Problems:

1. "I Must Fix"
2. "All the Problems"

Experts, Specialists:

1. "Distance "
2. "Toughen "
3. "Wet Match"

Raw Bulb:

1. "Gas Leak"
2. "One Hundred Dollars"
3. "Stop Making Plans"
4. "Vacuum"

We Had to Eat the Owl:

1. "No Argument Here"
2. "Lasting"
3. "Revel"
4. "Pay the Man"
5. "All Automatic"
6. "Until it Bleeds"


1. "Reliance"
2. "Placate"
3. "Goodbye Tom"
4. "Bats"
5. "Places No One Else Is"
6. "Reasons Not to Go"
7. "Much"
8. "By Force"