Flung's 'All Heartbeat' Flutters with Possibility

BY Erica Commisso Published Apr 8, 2024


Kashika Kollaikal — otherwise known as Flung — found the inspiration for her third album, All Heartbeat, while trapped overnight  in the Seattle airport in 2022, the victim of an ever-delaying departure time. Harmonium in tow, she translated that sensation of limbo into a synth-heavy electronic record that boasts chaos and calm at the same time, sending listeners on a journey through time and space while somehow captivating them in stillness. Faster, upbeat tracks are met with slower ones, and then the quickness returns, reflecting the ebb and flow of flights coming and going.

Kollaikal's multi-instrumental capabilities shine on All Heartbeat, the harmonium ever-present and paired with a sequencer to become the home base and — fittingly — heartbeat of the album. There's very little happening vocally, inviting listeners to create their own stories, or to observe their surroundings and uncover new narratives. It's easy to get lost in the trance of All Heartbeat, a consistent hum that vibrates with the mundanities of everyday life.

Kollaikal created her own music box for All Heartbeat, methodically punching paper scrolls one hole at a time, adding a human depth of sound to the project that wasn't present in her previous work. The result is a nostalgic tone used in a way that provokes both warm familiarity and vaguely alien excitement.  

Juxtaposition is the lifeblood of All Heartbeat, flights coming and going, thoughts forming and dissipating, pressure and release. Nostalgia meets newness, energy meets relaxation and the occasional vocal-centred track (like "Misty) demonstrate the experimentation Kollaikal is known for and pushes its boundaries ever-wider.

(Get Better Records)

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