Flume "Space Cadet" (remix ft. Ghostface Killah and Autre Ne Veut) (video)

Flume 'Space Cadet' (remix ft. Ghostface Killah and Autre Ne Veut) (video)
Aussie producer Flume treated his excellent self-titled LP to a remix album late last yeear. One of the most high-profile remakes was "Space Cadet," which now has its own video.

The track, which features contributions from Autre Ne Veut and rap icon Ghostface Killah, has been paired with some psychedelic animated visuals courtesy of Jim Dirschberger and Jay Howell, who work together on the children's cartoon Sanjay and Craig.

The video interprets the song in a spaced-out setting as we see a bunch of weirdoes wander around on a strange planet. Then a cartoon Ghostface shows up and shreds through his verse.

Check out the video for "Space Cadet" below.

Flume's self-titled album is now set for its first vinyl release, which will arrive on double-LP on April 15.