Flowers Forever Flowers Forever

Flowers Forever is Derek Pressnall’s artistic purging of gripping premonitions. The Tilly and the Wall guitarist began having visions of the future he attributed to God, or mono, which resulted in the shambling psychedelic folk romps he careens through on this self-titled debut. Pressnall comes across like Bob Dylan in a fit of mania, mumbling through earthy metaphors and half-baked protest rally anthems. The vigorous ensemble Pressnall has put together to express his musical vision hit their stride with "Smash the Cool.” Snaking guitar leads run raspy molten scales around a crashing cacophony of percussion while Pressnall screeches like a man possessed. Following this blast of raw energy with the sunny and carefree barroom pop of "Beach Bum” emphasises the record’s bipolar pacing. Maybe Pressnall is losing his mind but with the supportive love of his team, his loss is a gain for listeners. (Team Love)