Flower Face "April to Death"

Flower Face 'April to Death'
Nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter Ruby Mckinnon creates music under the Flower Face moniker, and she's just unveiled a new track called "April to Death."
Taken from her upcoming album Baby Teeth, the latest single is a folk-infused piece of pop melancholia.
According to Mckinnon, the song explores the ways people cope with troubling situations in life — "whether that be drugs or dropping out of school or meaningless encounters."
"It's kind of a cynical take on the things we do to make life a bit less painful, they feel so passionate and important at the time, but really they're pretty empty," she added.
As personal as her lyrics can sound, Mckinnon insists that she draws her Flower Face songwriting inspiration from her empathy for others.

"I was writing about heartbreak long before I'd ever felt it," she said. "I was writing about death before I'd ever lost someone close to me. I had a close brush with death when I was 17 — I went through surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. A lot of people thought that explained my lyrics, but I was writing about the dark long before I'd been there."
Listen to her delve into that emotional darkness by streaming "April to Death" below.
Baby Teeth is officially out tomorrow (March 10).