Floppy Sounds Short Term Memories

The cover of this CD, with the depressed mouse sitting atop a mushroom, stigmatised my first listen. There are some chintzy, wonky sounding down-tempo tracks on this CD, yet something nagged me. The next listen jarred my mind awake; there are some terrific house tracks on this album. Subsequent listens dampened my clothes and palms while envisioning how shimmering tracks like "Team Realness," gorgeous "Doing Shows," and glorious "Late Night" and "NDE" might sound rumbling out of decent club speakers late into the night. Listening to Floppy Sounds re-ignites the same excitement as getting ready to go out for a night of first-rate house - this is the work of New York based producer Rob Rives, informed by a darker futurist sensibility with a minimal more in-depth take on disco-esque house. From this perspective, the down-tempo tracks made more sense, offering breadth to better showcase this accomplished talent. It's time to re-pledge allegiance to "house nation," but first I'll be scouring the DJ shops for a twelve-inch of this fine CD. (Wave)