Floor Doll

Former shoegazing enthusiast Matt Pahl has regrouped and put together a complete band that will certainly benefit from the recent attention surrounding the post-punk revival. Instead of Ride and Slowdive, the Floor’s focus is on Echo & the Bunnymen and Wire to create an outlet for a dejected, art-school stance. This seven-song EP gives an introspective look into the band’s battle plan, showcasing a raw and vigorous brand of melodic indie rock. There’s a constant shift in which song sounds like which influence, such as "Seconds Later” honing Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation, and "Warning Signs,” the band’s best shot for an anthem, seeing Pahl giving his best deadpan version of Ian McCulloch. Doll is an exceptional first chapter in this relatively new band’s story that should be even more compelling if they get a chance to work with the right producer. (Independent)