Fleet Foxes "Grown Ocean" (video)

Fleet Foxes 'Grown Ocean' (video)
We are just over a month away from Seattle folksters Fleet Foxes' sophomore album, Helplessness Blues, and, jeez, are we excited. As if we didn't have butterflies in our stomach already, the band have just released this swoon-worthy clip for the epic, canyon country number "Grown Ocean."

Playing like a tender, home-movie montage, the vid finds the troupe having all sorts of fun travelling around the world. From crunching their feet into fresh snow to wrestling around on the ground to laying down tracks for their new album, it looks as if these guys are having a blast.

Despite his ample face fuzz, leader Robin Pecknold can barely conceal his smile. It's a candid grab of the daily goings-on of the folk rock favourites. And we just got 100 percent more excited for this album, guys. Check it out below.

As previously reported, Helplessness Blues comes out May 3 on Sub Pop.

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.