Flatbush Zombies "Thugnificense" (video)

Flatbush Zombies 'Thugnificense' (video)
Though Flatbush Zombies are knee-deep in their "Day of the Dead" online singles series, the Beast Coast trio are working overtime to make sure their 2013 Better Off Dead mixtape doesn't fall off like a walker's rotting limb. As such, you can now check out a new video for the freelease's "Thugnificense."

Shot "somewhere in Japan," the video for the drug-saluting slow jam has Zombie Juice stumbling through busy shopping districts in some shots, while maintaining a small grocery store from behind a counter on the other. He doesn't seem too concerned about locals pilfering his goods, though, so his business savvy may have been affected by all the weed and LSD. But as he notes in verse, he's high as hell and don't give a fuck.

You can see Zombie Juice and the rest fo the crew represent the Beast Coast out East down below.