Flatbush Zombies "Don't Do Drugs Kids"

Flatbush Zombies 'Don't Do Drugs Kids'
After serving up video clips and brand new merch for fans throughout the week, New York hip-hop crew Flatbush Zombies have now properly kicked off their freebie singles series, "Day of the Dead." The stoner rap trio's first instalment may have you scratching your head, as it's called "Don't Do Drugs Kids."

Who are they kidding, though? The mind-altering, slow-mo intro starts off with a hook about taking drags and dropping acid, with the crew then working into verses about the high life. Ready to make you "numb to the gums," a cinematic sample of strings and gently plucked guitars are mixed with a hard-hitting boom bap, with red-eyed references Breaking Bad slung alongside drug trade drama and Beast Coast braggadocio.

If you D.A.R.E., you can take a hit off the Zombies' new tune via the player down below.