The Flaming Lips "See the Leaves" (video)

The Flaming Lips 'See the Leaves' (video)
Oh, jeez, remember yesterday when everyone was complaining about how inappropriate Katy Perry's  dress was in that video she did with Elmo? Well, feast your eyes on the new Flaming Lips video, you prudes.

The clip for stressed-out kraut-rock stomp "See the Leaves," from last year's Embryonic, starts off, uh, innocently enough with a blindfolded nudist calmly wading in a stream, drinking nectar from a giant, vaginally-indebted coconut gushing and twitching next to her. As soon as the tense tune kicks in, however, things get really weird. The rest of the clip finds the girl stomping through fields, city streets and multi-level parking garages, smiling manically while she's tearing out strands of neon scribbles strategically placed atop her nethers.

Truthfully, she's not exactly all nude, all the time. Watch out for the killer Birkenstocks reveal mid-way through the clip.

It's totally awesome, uncomfortable and seriously NSFW, guys.

The Flaming Lips See the Leaves Video from Tom m on Vimeo.