Five Style Miniature Portraits

Though guitarist Bill Dolan took steps in a more rocking direction with his Heroic Doses project, he’s back with the fantastic Five Style. Along with Lonesome Organist Jeremy Jacobson, LeRoy Bach and Tortoisite John Herndon, Five Style create a stylish and joyful return to form. Having experimented with vocals in the past, the band is in their instrumental glory, mixing myriad styles into sheer bliss. Strong melodic elements and worldly influences make Miniature Portraits closer kin to night club exotica than the current spate of post rock. Those searching out difficult listening should crawl under some other rock because the culmination of the artfulness and experimentation on Miniature Portraits is simply a good time. The killer opening track, “Mythical Numbers” intertwines Latin, jazz and Soukous guitar melodies into a beautiful spin while “Marmy The Count” marries gyrating guitar funk with marimba. “Father Time” mixes dub reggae and lounge, “Pledge Drive” sparks calypso bop with programmed beats and steel drums while “The Fancy Dance In Jeremy’s Pants” provides an upbeat tango. We also experience their unique, soulful and bluesy pop on “Sailor Girl Song,” “Wrong About You” and “The Lost Oar.” Who said art rockers don’t know how to have a good time? (Sub Pop)