First Aid Kit "My Silver Lining" (video)

First Aid Kit 'My Silver Lining' (video)
Swedish Americana act First Aid Kit have shared more material ahead of their upcoming Stay Gold album with a new video for the song "My Silver Lining."

The song, all sweeping, cinematic strings and finger-picked acoustic guitars, is treated to some suitably epic footage shot at L.A.'s Paramour Mansion from director Elliott Sellers. The two members of the band are prominently featured, as are some ghost-like beings.

The duo described their motivation for the clip with the following statement:

We wanted to create an intriguing and mysterious world where everything is slightly off and the mansion slowly comes to life. The idea of things in life changing, even scaring you, but still having to carrying on despite it all is a theme in the song, which we wanted to convey in the video.

Watch the video for "My Silver Lining" below. Stay Gold arrives on June 10 via Columbia.