Fire Flower Revue Fire Flower Revue

This is an interesting mix of styles, ranging from experimental rock, to drum & bass, electronic pop and a few odd drones. The first two tracks are somewhat creepy, featuring guitar and electronic drones, underpinned by male vocals and other strange noises. "Leave” breaks things open with a little electronic pop, courtesy swooping synths and Serena Ryder’s vocals. The breaks arrive next, comprising the album midsection, with a muffled male vocal on "Make Sure Nothing Is Oh,” the speedy drum & bass of "Wise Words” and "Magazine,” another vocal track, which are this time processed and flanged about. "What You Believe In Is Nonsense” is a weird rock track that could be a Rapture outtake. "Blythes” settles things down with a laidback, acoustic guitar adventure. There are some interesting experiments, with a few successes. (Independent)