Fingathing Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band

Similar to Q-Bert’s Wave Twisters, Fingathing have created an elaborate space adventure to base their new release around, complete with giant robots and alien attacks. If this record does in fact go through the animation process it will be quite fitting as this record is layered with all sorts of electronic pulses and robotic dialogue, all backed by an insanely funky tone. The duo of Peter Parker and bass player Sneaky definitely seem to have big plans for their project — each track has this monumental feel to it, as if something massive occurs in each scene that you conjure up in your head. "Themes from the Big Red” spells some kind of destruction via an evil villain as Parker scratches bleeps and bloops over crashing drums and Darth Vader marches. "Bolus” could be their heroic rescue by a funky little ’80s robot and "Rock the Planet” could be the lads strapping into their space ships to do battle as crashing hip-hop beats meet cut-up guitar and cello samples. Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band keeps you on your toes like any good adventure should, blending everything from rock to disco to create one of the more original-sounding albums to come out of the electronic scene in some time. If this record does in fact become the soundtrack to an animated film then we’re all in for a treat, but will it really be as good as the one you’ll direct in your own mind? (Grand Central)