FIN Ice Pix

FIN Ice Pix
On her debut album, Ice Pix, FIN builds complex electronic beats, mixes in some moody synths and samples, and layers her ethereal voice. The results offer some interesting textures and grooves, if not much to sing along to.
FIN re-appropriates ingredients of modern pop music for a more abstracted art project here that challenges norms of commodification, gratification and sexism. "Daughters" might be the best candidate for this reading, with lyrics like, "Put your hands in the air, I'll cut them off with a knife," and "What made him think that his birth was a right?" At the same time, however, the fact that her lyrics are more often indecipherable due to reverb and layering makes it harder to ascribe political meanings.
Socially, the minor-key piano samples on "Nightflowers" recall Radiohead, while the off-kilter rhythms and compressed clap/snare sound on "Autobody" evoke 2-step producers like Artful Dodger (albeit slowed closer to 120bpm). "Doghead" sounds inspired by the trip-hop of Portishead. The harmonies and rhythms are pretty unconventional, but still accessible in the sense that they can set a certain mood, and the beat production is excellent.
With a bit more focus to her sound and a more precise and present vocal sound, FIN could create something incredible the next time around. In the meantime, her quirky gem of a debut is enough to satisfy. (Hausu Mountain)