Fields of the Nephilim Mourning Sun

Fields of the Nephilim have become so popular within goth circles that there shouldn’t be a need to describe their sound here, but for the uninitiated, imagine the standard dense but heavily melodic instrumental fare typical of gothic music then add vocals that are equal parts growling industrial and brooding, despairing metal. The eight tracks that make up the Mourning Sun release are equally reliant on synths, samplers and electric guitars, which along with the aforementioned unusual vocals create a sort of musical beauty and the beast juxtaposition. Clocking in at over one hour, there’s plenty of musical bang (and crunch, and angst) for your buck here; the disc offers a great deal of variety between its grim and brooding numbers and the more upbeat and ultimately more accessible tracks. Unlike many of their goth/industrial counterparts, Fields of the Nephilim know how to write a catchy, hook-laden song without betraying their musical direction or style. Album standouts include the driving and anthemic "Straight to the Light” and the tragic and haunting "She.” A strong effort, Mourning Sun will not disappoint fans, and could also be considered the perfect Fields of the Nephilim starter disc for those intrigued by, but not already familiar with the group. (SPV)