The Field Returns with 'Looping State of Mind'

The Field Returns with 'Looping State of Mind'
Loop-fixated electronic artist the Field (aka Axel Willner) has announced his return via new LP. Fittingly titled Looping State of Mind, the Swede's third album promises to continue his evolution while still referencing his back catalogue.

A press release explains that Willner's latest revels in the "warm recognition of their recurring patterns," expanding on the groundwork laid by his first two records: 2007's breakthrough From Here We Go Sublime and 2009's Yesterday & Today. It's hinted "vocal samples now creep around signature sound washes," while a greater emphasis has been placed on organic instrumentation such as the double bass and piano, both of which having been available when Willner recorded the disc at Cologne's Dumbo Studios, which is run by his label Kompakt.

Despite the studio setting, Willner incubated many of the song structures at his home while reflecting on past and present. "Some of the ideas stretching back to the debut are still there," he said in a statement, "but we've just made a real attempt to grow the sound." 

Though the Field was initially a solo project, Willner has gone on to work with multi-instrumentalist Dan Enqvist and drummer Jesper Skarin on Looping State of Mind, slowly moving away from the project's techno beginnings and infusing elements of shoegaze and classical music into the overall sound. Even so, Willner explains that the new album highlights ideas of cyclical thought, suggesting you can never escape your past.

"It comes from the feeling of having looping thoughts -- both good and
bad -- in your head, and being unable to get them out," Willner explained, "but then, of course, my music is based around loops and repetition too."

Looping State of Mind comes out October 25 on Kompakt. The Anti- label, which helped released Yesterday & Today, appears to no longer be involved with the Field. A North American tour is expected sometime late this year.

Looping State of Mind:

1. "Is This Power"

2. "It's Up There"

3. "Burned Out"

4. "Arpeggiated Love"

5. "Looping State Of Mind"

6. "Then It's White"

7. "Sweet Slow Baby"