Field Register Eastern Shore

So much slow/sad/drone-core music can be heavy and plodding affairs, with seemingly no end and the feeling of eyelids getting droopier and droopier, but sometimes someone gets it just right. Montreal, QC’s the Field Register do get many things right to give Eastern Shore a sheen and lucidity that can get lost in many other efforts that don’t mind taking their time to make a point. Taking the best parts of such bands as Low, the For Carnation and Kepler, the music is both familiar, yet still their own and considering only two tracks are under five minutes, this is a long journey, but one well worth taking. From the crunchy dissonance and upbeat tempo of "Margins Dissolve,” to the incredibly pensive atmosphere of "Dream-Miles Distant,” the Field Register exudes confidence and deft craftsmanship. This album feels like a labour of love and although the sheer length does mean it drags in places, there hardly seems a note out of place. Highlight track, "The Closing Scene” effortlessly allows for beautiful moods to slowly come out, making repeated listens enjoyable and surprising. Good albums can either be written endlessly about, or summed up easily, so let brevity reign: Eastern Shore is lovely, just lovely. (Ships at Night)