Fidgital Renovations

Savvy, fashionable and talented, these Vancouver independents walk the fine line between cheap and stylish with their ’80s electro techno hybrids. Renovations is a remix of their second album, Condo Life, featuring mostly remixes by Fidgital but also by Ottawa’s Liquified and Vancouver’s No Luck Club, plus a few brand-new tracks and a live cut of "Space Fever.” Ryan Slemko’s vocals are melodramatic and rich, most closely resembling George Michael with more flare. Fidgital’s Vintage Premix of "Don’t You Fall in Love” brilliantly showcases these vocals against kitschy horns and glamorous synth strings for a taste of abandon. The remix of "29 Stories” makes good use of the soul clap and the elegant horn solo clearly shows the jazz influence. Although there is danger in dramatic neon romance and homage to ’80s sounds (one misstep and you are just another crappy band who can’t innovate) they incorporate enough techno and some jazz influences to keep it from being disastrously retro. (Independent)