Ferry Corsten Right of Way

Expertly produced trance and electro tracks make this album worth checking out, but have your finger ready to hit fast forward when you hit the pukey pop ballads. The energising trance of the opening track, "Sublime,” immediately elevates moods and then transitions into the moody electroclash of "Whatever!,” with its world-weary lyrics and wicked bass line. Next up is the most attention grabbing track, "Rock Your Body, Rock,” which debuted at number 11 on the UK single charts top 40 and raises the party vibe sky high. Robotic vocals introduce dark driving guitar synths and right when you expect the track to peak, it teases, hollowing out before it hits full force. In this and other tracks, Corsten is masterful in creating the whirring sound of a machine starting up, slowing down and taking off. This track in particular takes the listener-cum-dancer on a romping ride. Things progress pretty well until you reach the chilled-out sixth track, "Holding On,” which is sickening top 40 pap featuring vocals by Shelley Harland. Other commercial lovelorn retch-inducing numbers are "It’s Time” and "Skin Deep.” Too romantic for my taste but otherwise more palatable is the beautifully produced final track, "In My Dreams,” with its broken beats, lovely vocals, intimate reverberations and spacious feel. (Moonshine)