Femme Generation The Future Called, They Want Their Sound Back

Returning with The Future Called, They Want Their Sound Back, Toronto’s Femme Generation don’t fail to deliver the same anxious, wired fire that was heard in their 2006 full-length debut, Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode. Met with critical acclaim, it was an album that immediately set Femme Generation apart from their peers, proving that this band are miles ahead of any pack that’s running around out there. This follow-up five-song EP opens with the title track and right away it’s obvious that Femme Generation are once again going to make it easy to cut through the crap, because this release picks up right where the band left off and once you’ve heard it you won’t care much about what else is out there. Tracing frenetic lines of potent, self-assured energy, The Future Called is overflowing with unbridled verve. Muscular and punchy, Femme Generation’s angular, unstoppable sound isn’t something that’s about to be handed over the future too easily. We need it right here, right now. (Independent)