Femme Generation Brothers and Sisters, Alone We Explode

The title of this album sums up its contents completely: there are explosives involved here, and listening to this you can’t avoid getting caught up in the fiery, unpredictable experience that is Femme Generation. There’s something about these 11 songs that just won’t quit — don’t be surprised if this album has you up and dancing within the first few minutes of the opening track "Semper Fi, Little Guy.” There are familiar textures within each song here but any influences are overpowered by the band’s characteristic style. With driving rhythms that incorporate haunting qualities and vocalist Bernard Kadosh commanding a style that brims with conviction, Femme Generation has weaved candid and bold atmospherics with a raw energy, which is intensified by the analog recording. But in listening to this album there’s a sense that goes beyond sound and lyrics. There’s a sincerity underneath it all and a genuine effort to move beyond what is known and get towards what is new. Perhaps it’s the heart of the band coming out, as the album is meant to be a mission statement aiming for unity within a society that celebrates the individual. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that when a band can convey a power in their music that goes beyond the notes and chords and drum beats, something good is going on. (Permafrost)