Felt's Lawrence Examined in New Documentary

Felt's Lawrence Examined in New Documentary
This year has been unexpectedly fruitful for Felt fans, as the long-lost British indie pop outfit recently announced a lavish eponymous photo book. But we're about to get another glimpse into the group's history thanks a documentary about band leader Lawrence entitled Lawrence of Belgravia.

The Paul Kelly-directed flick first premiered at last year's London Film Festival, and it will be screened in cinemas around the UK this May (see the dates here).

A synopsis written by the British Film Institute's Michael Hayden explains, "Paul Kelly's intimate, smart doc portrait, a labour of love filmed over the last eight years, follows Lawrence between Go-Kart Mozart albums, weighed down by the chips on his shoulders while still dreaming of being a pop star who rides in limousines and dates supermodels. He appears as, perhaps, he always has; a man out of time, touched by rare genius."

The film is said to follow the Felt leader, who subsequently formed Denim and Go-Kart Mozart, "as he tries to balance a precarious domestic lifestyle with running a band and recording his latest album."

Unfortunately, there's no word as to when or if the documentary, which is being released by Heavenly Films, will be coming to Canada, or if there are any immediate plans to release it on DVD. We're certainly curious to see the documentary, since Lawrence has long been guarded about his personal life, and this behind-the-scenes glimpse is sure to be a revelation for many Felt fans.

For now, watch a trailer below.