The Feelies "Way Down"

The Feelies 'Way Down'
We may have heard "Should Be Gone" off the Feelies' Here Before a couple of months ago, but with the jangle-poppers finally set to release the album in a couple of weeks, it's high time we heard some more of what the troupe is up to.

Though the classic outfit have long since graduated from the college rock scene, this new tune called "Way Down" finds them no less inspired than in their salad days. Cascades of giddy guitars glimmer on the steady rocker as singer Glenn Mercer's cool baritone floats atop the mid-paced rave-up. A surprisingly uproarious six-string solo reveals itself mid-song, but the band wisely keeps their cool, refusing to fully rock out.

Check it out below.

As previously reported, Here Before comes out April 12 on Bar/None.

Way Down by The Feelies