Feed the Birds Catcher

Now under a new moniker (previously Ryelee), Rheanna Melnick still has everything it takes ― a lovely voice and an ear for sweet melodies ― to churn out an album full of precious acoustic pop tunes in her sleep. But she's better than that. Alive with genuine wit, revolt and yearning, the Manitoban has endowed Catcher's songs with soul. It has all the grit and messiness that come with being real, and that's exactly what makes her music memorable. Charming verses may rest on well-matched guitar strums and some reassuring, up-tempo percussion, but offbeat handclaps, wheezing trombones and a mocking kazoo are sure to keep you on your toes. Like the cymbal Melnick recounts having hand-hammered with her brother to later record on an eight-track, Catcher reveals its musical dents and pockmarks, to the glory of its maker. (Independent)