Farmers By Nature Out of This World's Distortions

This is spontaneous composition/improvisation from three of its consummate practitioners. The Craig Taborn piano "fulcrum" levitates the trio-logue into syntactic stratospherics, permutations of Cecil Taylor and Keith Jarrett, cellular conjunctions and abstract lyricism. With percussion polymath Gerald Cleaver driving events from their point-radius-circle drum-centeredness, the trio paint canvases that feature everything from empty lots and blowing scraps of paper to skyscrapers radiating heat and menace. Bassist William Parker (who has played with pretty much everyone in free-jazz) has rarely sounded more engaged. Completely attentive to the needs of the moment, here he's hearing beyond the fray, stretching and reaching. "Tait's Traced Traits," an 18-minute tour de force, is a graphic demonstration of how power and subtlety can co-exist even in the most intense group improvisation. Taborn lays down a groove in "Sir Snacktray Speaks" upon which Parker enlists rhythmic arco bass patterns that are positively danceable. This is music in all dimensions. (Aum Fidelity)