FannyPack So Stylistic

When the sexy teen front-girls of FannyPack shout out "Let’s Get Famous” at the intro to their debut album, it’s meant to emulate the commanding question "Can you diiig it?” from ’70s gang-flick The Warriors. By the time So Stylistic has come to a close, the answer is uh-huh. In a similar vein to Russian trollops T.A.T.U., FannyPack is the product of musical svengalis, in this case New York "nightlife personalities” Fancy and Matt Goias. They make the stripped-down Miami bass-meets-’80s electro beats while the Brooklyn-born girlies, Jessibel, Belinda and Cat, drop their old-old-school rhymes L’Trimm-style. The lyrics are so simplistic — "what a pity/your committee/can’t hold a candle to my city/we’re so pretty/ass and titties/the home of Biggie/and P. Diddy” — but that’s where most of the fun lies. Uptight types might get put off by their overt sexuality — their hilarious debut single is "Cameltoe,” which is about, well, "a frontal wedgie” — but they are obviously missing the innocent naiveté also at play. Not to mention the studio outtakes capturing the girls stumbling over their rhymes, teasing each other and genially goofing-off. Rapping about shopping, boys who smoke, candy, and mom and dad, FannyPack make music for real girls that dwarfs anything by Britney’s cabal. As for the rest of you, just smile and, as instructed, "shake your caboose.” (Tommy Boy)