Fanatix This Thing Of Ours

Deep house lovers and DJs, pick this up! Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce are UK’s Fanatix and their connection to house music is soulful and wicked. Track by track, This Thing Of Ours shows the duo’s experience as musicians (the pair have DJ’d all over the world, including at Miami’s WMC twice, and have remixed and produced for Jamiroquai, Kings of Tomorrow and Ultra Nate). The album presents 100 percent house music — genuine, classic, vocal and deep — in non-repetitive varieties. These songs stand well together or alone. Generally when you get used to a particular sound on the album, the next song brings in a vibrant new flavour or something truly innovative like the first (of three) interludes, title track "This Thing of Ours.” This Thing of Ours features songs about love with sincerity and grace that can teach us how to be better people, grooving hard along the way. Roots-based, this album is complete. (BBE)