FaltyDL's Drew Lustman Readies New Album 'The Crystal Cowboy'

FaltyDL's Drew Lustman Readies New Album 'The Crystal Cowboy'
Last year, producer FaltyDL (a.k.a. Drew Lustman) offered up his divisive In the Wild, which some critics found uneven. Rather than take another crack at the project, Lustman has announced a new album under his own name.

The album's called The Crystal Cowboy, and sees Lustman adopting asimilar persona. The release reportedly came together quickly because it was "free of the connotations and associations of his Falty DL moniker." The record sees him working with New York rapper Le1f on a song.

A press release also explains that the album's genre is fairly fluid, flirting with drum & bass, soul and jazz — the sort of music Lustman "would DJ with or play to friends without the pressure of the conceptual weighing him down."

The press release closes with a third-person statement from the Crystal Cowboy himself:

The Crystal Cowboy asks the listener to lose themselves and any inhibitions they may have as he takes the time to hold your hand and lead you through his thrilling and immersive wonderland. Good night and good luck. 

Planet Mu will issue The Crystal Cowboy on April 20. The record can be pre-ordered and previewed here.

The Crystal Cowboy:

1. Watch A Man Die
2. Time Machine
3. Angel Flesh
4. Green Technique
5. Wolves
6. Hyena
7. The Crystal Cowboy
8. Onyx (ft. Le1f)
9. The Hatchet
10. Blueberry Fields
11. Sykle