Falling in Reverse "Born to Lead"

Falling in Reverse 'Born to Lead'
If Falling in Reverse's bizarre EDM and hip-hop-spiked single "Alone," off their impending Fashionably Late LP, left you scratching your head, the metalcore crew offer something a little more straightforward on newly unveiled number "Born to Lead."

The song starts off ballad-like, despite Ronnie Radke's full-blown belting, but soon rips into dive bombs, Cookie Monster grunts and thrash beats. Opting out of his newly discovered rap flow, Radke screams out self-help slogans like "don't let anybody tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams" atop double-teamed guitar leads and thrown-down mosh grooves.

You can check it out for yourself in the stream down below.

As previously reported, lest that album title proves to be ominously accurate, Fashionably Late is set to drop June 18 via Epitaph.