Fall Out Boy vs. Blender Magazine

Fall Out Boy vs. <i>Blender Magazine</i>
Following a mixtape and a whole whack of unexpected guest stars on their new album Folie A Deux, the final thing that Fall Out Boy need to become the rappers of emo rock is some beef. Fortunately, that has now surfaced via the list-making journalists over at Blender Magazine. Fall Out Boy have replaced the usual scantily clad female star for this month's cover story, and have taken issue with out-of-context quotes.

The most pissed off member is Andy Hurley, who was portrayed as "suicidal" over a Green Bay Packers game. In the article, Blender writer Josh Eells says that the drummer "slams his iPhone onto the table, gets up and, without a word, starts punching the metal door frame, and doesn't stop for 45 seconds." Hurley refutes that this even happened, saying "That is total bullshit. I wound never slam my iPhone, and I never punched a metal door frame for any time. Yeah, I'm totally going to kill myself over a football game."

In an email to MTV News, FOB front-man Patrick Stump also takes issue with the article, particularly with the way they handled Pete Wentz. "It's an entertaining article that manages to take its hero from the heights of superstardom to the depths of narcissism," he wrote. "But it never redeems him and it does so at the cost of fact... if only we had had that media training! We would know how better to fabricate pull quotes!"

When MTV asked them to comment, Blender stood their ground, saying "We stand by our reporting. Anyone who reads the entire article will see that it is not only fair but essentially positive."

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