Falklands Think About It

While there isn't anything decidedly tormented about Falklands' debut full-length, an intangible sense of urgency is embedded into every one of their ragged, punk-influenced rock songs. As heard in the Edmonton, AB band's earlier releases, there's a strong inclination to go pretty pop, not unlike some of their strongest claimed influences: the Buzzcocks or Ted Leo. And while a large hint of the latter is heard clearly on "Southern Cross" and "Hell Is Up," the truth is that the majority of Think About It wouldn't have any trouble getting multi-platform radio play across the country. It might be the production edge of former d.b.s. vocalist/current Vancouver super-producer Jesse Gander, but Think About It has some underlying bristle that's uncharacteristic of straight-ahead guitar pop like this. If the rootsy gusto felt in "Lonely Soul" or standout track "Saint Vinny" could be harnessed and fostered, Falklands would be making better use of the now murky, earnest-y parts of their work and still not lose any of the heart. (Clamour)