Fake Shark "Something Special" (video)

Fake Shark 'Something Special' (video)
Last month, Vancouver "freak-pop" unit Fake Shark premiered their latest single "Something Special." Now, that same song has been paired with some new visuals, and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at the new clip.

Riffing on the era of self-importance ushered in by reality TV, selfies and social media, the group describes the video as "a satirical take on the modern music reality programs, in an age where the social media has made everyone feel like they are special."

It opens at auditions for a new program called Something Special, inviting viewers into the judging rooms for some of the most ridiculous wannabe superstars. Added kaleidoscopic effects bring some extra visual interest into the mix, making for a silly, psychedelic and sharp critique of pop culture.

It marks the directorial debut for band leader Kevin James Maher, who tells Exclaim!: " I only like shows like American Idol when the contestants are a bunch of untalented raisin cakes who feel like fame is owed to them. By the time the show has dwindled down to actual talent, with your Clay Aikens and Reuben Studdards, I've checked out. Visually, this video was inspired by The Eric Andre Show, Key & Peele and the worst contestants of American Idol."

Fake Shark are currently completing work on their next LP with producer (and recent Exclaim! News Weekly guest star) Steve Bays, but you can ease the wait by watching the new video for "Something Special" right now. Just hit play below.

Fake Shark will be doing a special Vancouver performance, which they will be webcasting, on June 22 at 604 Studios.