Fair Sex The Dark Ages

Possibly better known for their side-projects Rotersand and Testify, these German goth-rockers are a dirty little secret that need to be shared. Formed in the late ’80s, the band reinvented their sound from live percussions to more of a synth approach in 1988, after their drummer died live on stage. This two-disc best of collection features out of print recordings from their albums released between 1988 and 1992 and includes two newer tracks. Despite utilising an electronic backdrop, these guys rely little on sampling and their programming accents, rather than overshadows, the rest of the band’s efforts. The discs bring forward a mix of brooding vocals and distortions reminiscent of early Skinny Puppy. The result is truly pleasurable; from the catchy beats of "No Excuse” to the wonderfully sinister "Nervous Jesus,” this is a raw, chaotic experience in a great post-punk sort of way. Unlike many older goth or industrial bands, the Fair Sex represent a sound that translates well today. Fans of dark music will want to take a chance on this release. (Van Richter)