EZ Rollers Walk This Land

This brassy, jazzy drum & bass tune has been remixed and released on CD-EP because of its appearance in the British gangster flick Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels. Originally on the Storm From The East compilation in 1996, it set the mold for the EZ Rollers' recent hit "Tough At The Top." After a Blood, Sweat & Tears-ish fanfare a smooth bass line and neat snares purr under a jazzy vocal. More lively breaks take over the momentum but are chilled by mellow pads and the return of the vocals. In the "'99 Mix" the beats are updated to a jazzy tech-step rhythm, as the funky guitar lines and flute duke it out, before an acoustic bass line takes command. On another tack is the "Smoking Barrel Mix" where slow jazzy hip-hop beats and a funk bass line become the bed over which the vocals and new lines of flute and Rhodes are spun. Available on the twelve-inch is the "Paradise Mix" where analogue bass snarls and sub-bass groans chop out a heavier path to the funk. (Moving Shadow)