Eyesores May You Dine on Weeds Made Bitter By the Piss of Drunkards

Could there possibly be a more entertaining album title? Few musical works could live up to such expectations, but the Eyesores certainly try. They’re the kind of band that give folk-rock a good name, and wouldn’t be out of place beside Elephant 6 acts Olivia Tremor Control or Neutral Milk Hotel. What sets them apart from just about anything else is their use of the accordion as a lead instrument, making it sound like nothing you would normally associate with the squeeze box. Alec K. Redfearn wields his instrument like Sam Coomes of Quasi renders his electric organ, making it sound like a natural indie rock instrument. Elsewhere, banjos, lap steels and string basses flesh out this non-traditional recording. The vocals fall a little short and the album runs a bit long, but a small amount of musical invention goes a long way. (Magic Eye Singles)