EXITS 'Self Deprecation' (album stream)

EXITS 'Self Deprecation' (album stream)
In the same vein as their non-traditional music, the chaotic EXITS will release their first LP, Self Deprecation, on a Wednesday. Fortunately for those eager to be aurally accosted before June 17, we're debuting the album a little early.

The angular riffage of Every Time I Die and Botch meets the slightly left-of-centre approach of Refused on Self Deprecation. Case in point: the saxophone break in "Spit," played by Leah Harman.

The more traditional spastic metallic hardcore songs only follow the formula insofar as they adhere to the unwritten law that they constantly transform and mutate, which is to say they don't really follow a formula much at all. Seeing as so many "metalcore" bands just use the much-maligned genre as an excuse to dumb their music down, hopefully this is the shape of metalcore to come.

Just a week and a day after the release of Self Deprecation, EXITS will join Turnstile, Glitter, Wormwood and Sigil on June 25 as a part of Calgary's Sled Island.

For now, stream the completely DIY release (seriously, the band did the artwork and even recorded, mixed and mastered the LP themselves) in the player below. Just don't headbang too hard to EXITS; with all of the time and speed shifts, this is the stuff from which whiplash is born.