Exene Cervenka and the Original Sinners Sev7en

It’s been four years since the Original Sinners debuted their full-length, and this long-awaited release brings on more of the band’s country-tinged, rockabilly infused punk rock. Headed up by Exene Cervenka of the seminal L.A. band X, the Original Sinners produce — for the most part — a mainstay of fun, powered-up sounds laced with Cervenka’s clever use of words. "Born Yesterday” and "Last Dance” reflect much of the same sounds that were found on the previous Original Sinners release. They hint at the movement away from angst-inspired sounds into something more spirited with a lot of vintage overtones mixed with modern styles and the unique twists that Cervenka spins over everything she does. That spin can certainly be found on "Ghost on the Highway,” a Gun Club cover that could pass for the Original Sinners’ own. Deeper into the album there are slight tinges of past Cervenka, as she can be heard wailing away on "Long Distance” and turning her voice into a whiny purr on "Lonesome War,” which are two of the album’s standout tracks. (Nitro)