Exclusive: Nü Sensae Unleash TV, Death and the Devil on New Full-Length

Exclusive: Nü Sensae Unleash <i>TV, Death and the Devil</i> on New Full-Length
Vancouver noise punk duo Nü Sensae are an integral part of the Vancouver punk underground thanks to the sneering, ominous music they create with just Daniel Pitout's manic drumming and Andrea Lukic's raspy voice and heavy bass. The band already have a one-sided LP under their belts, as well as last year's fantastic Three Dreams seven-inch. Now, they've completed work on their second full-length.

The album is called TV, Death and the Devil and was recorded with Twin Crystals' Jesse Taylor at his Nite Prison recording studio in Vancouver. Speaking to Nü Sensae drummer Pitout about the new LP, he tells Exclaim!, "It still has the same feel as our first album, but we have a bit more dynamic to our songs now. We just got better at playing our instruments and put more effort into song writing than we ever did before... I think we learned how to articulate exactly what was in our heads and what we wanted songs the songs to sound like on this album."

 Since the release of their first LP and seven-inch, the band have found fans all over the world, including Olympia-based dance punk trio the Gossip (see video below). Pitout admits that the larger fanbase could have caused stress in the writing process, if they would have allowed it to.

"When we wrote our first album, we seriously didn't think that more than 20 people would buy it so with that mindset you are really not writing songs for anyone but yourself, which is really the best way," he explains. "This time there was a bit of pressure knowing that people might be expecting something. So you worry that it's not as good as before or that it has to be better or faster or slower or whatever. But I think I can happily say that we still write music for ourselves because I still have a hard time believing anyone listens to it."

TV, Death and the Devil is expected to be released this May by Nominal Records.

Nü Sensae are currently wrapping up a West coast tour with fellow Vancouverites White Lung, and are actually blogging about it for Exclaim! here. Soon, they'll join Shearing Pinx for a full U.S. tour and then they'll headline a cross-Canada tour in August.

Tour dates:

3/6 Vancouver, BC - Glory Days at The Biltmore
3/11 Vancouver, BC - Honey
3/12 Abbotsford, BC - The Fun House
4/4 Vancouver, BC - Antisocial
4/24 Vancouver, BC - Funky Winker Beans